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junıor plus özel gereksinimli çocuk puseti   polonya üretimdir .junıor plus 3 size ölçü ile ithal edilir. stok ürün genelde no3 getirmekteyiz . renk seçenekleri lütfen sorunuz. 19 kğ ağırlığındaki pusetimizde skolyoz desteği , ayak koruma tulumu ,yağmurluk , güneşlik , bacak ayırac abduktor set halinde gönderilir .

no3 maksımum 160boy ve 75kğ taşıma kapasitelidir .

Junior Plus Children Rehabilitative Stroller [DRVGOJ]


  • foldable, steel-aluminum frame
  • upholstery made of high quality fabric attested by certificates of quality (OEKO-Tex, SGS)
  • adjustable backrest height and width resulting in wide range of possible positions, from sitting to lying
  • seat with adjustable width and depth
  • seat can be mounted front-facing or back-facing according to the direction of movement
  • seat and backrest tilt angle adjustment
  • armrest with adjustable height
  • footrest length and tilt angle adjustment
  • adjustable handle
  • swivel front wheels attached via quick release
  • rear wheels with shock absorbers made of PU attached via quick release
  • height adjustable headrest
  • front safety barrier covered with fabric
  • belts protecting the child from falling out
  • abduction wedge position adjustment
  • standard equipment: canopy, shopping basket, rain cover, sleeping cover
  • available in wide rande of colors


  • Junior Plus 2 has the possibility to change the direction of the seating, normally, accordingly to the direction of travel, which allows
    child to observe the surroundings, and also backwards, so that the child can be facing caregiver
  • rear wheels: Junior Plus 2 – 27cm; Junior Plus 3 – 24cm
  • full or pumped caster front wheels with the possibility to lock them in position to drive straight only. Junior Plus 2 – 22cm; Junior Plus 3 – 17cm
  • The Junior Plus 2 is equipped with a mechanism that allows the backrest angle to be adjusted using scissor arms
  • The Junior Plus 3 is equipped with a mechanism that allows the backrest angle to be adjusted with a knob


The stroller is designed for children with disabilities and / or dysfunctions movement activities as a result of damage of the CNS Central Nervous System. It can be used in children with CP Cerebral Palsy, myelomeningocele, muscle disorders, dysfunctions of the lower limbs.


Contradictions against sitting position.

size 2 size 3
Seat width (cm) 26 – 37 32 – 43
Seat depth (cm) 29 – 35 34 – 40
Backrest height (cm) 50 – 55 60 – 70
Max stroller width (cm) 60 61
Max stroller length (cm) 100 105
Max stoller height (cm) 116 120
Dimensions when folded (length x width x height) (cm) 100 x 60 x 116 105 x 61 x 120
Front wheel diameter 226 x 49 171 x 49
Rear wheel diameter 278 x 60 247 x 54
Stroller weight (kg) 19,5 21
Maximum user weight (kg) 40 75

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